TEMBLO (music_in_us) wrote,

in his absence a collection was created to buy a cake for his return.


1 dead man
2 crying dogs
1 worn full size matress
Several loose woman
3 hurt girls
and an eyeful of the future

They concluded that that it would be rum cake.


On topic off shore there was someone who sneezed.


Off topic at sea they wept for home in colors of red white blue.



I heard Mr. Oberst the other day. He was crap.


my vocabulary has become limited due to um...wats that word....


Was I the wolf that crept through nights
that hunted down ghosts and shadows of light
was i the hound that pressed your door
with begging eyes for so much more
am i the dog who lays at bedside
this i will always be...
i can not hide

-salida del sol-

in the school lab of computers and screens
I type out with melodies of shakesperean themes
I try to press down on the letter near J
but alas I can not because K is so gay


hey nonny nonny

--end transmission
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