TEMBLO (music_in_us) wrote,

Things are ok. Nothing is bad. School finishes MAY 5. People are jumping in my pool of life only to get out of the water 5 minutes later when they realize I'm stranding in the middle taking a piss. AHAHAHA. how very...me. Watever. I've come to terms with me being an asshole. I know and have always known that the parentals are the root of all my evil. We had some of my step fathers family staying here and one of them really helped me get grips on my things. He is a devil worshiper from a family of devils sent to help a devil from a family of worshippers.FOr the past weeeks or so a lot of progress has come about. Things are better.

I am now very anxious for the future. I've expunged many a demon from these twisted caves.

"I'm so hood, I can't help it.
I'm so hood, I can't help it.
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