TEMBLO (music_in_us) wrote,

how this sound drives me
a sound of travel
drifting noise of universe infinite
a whir and whoosh and lights flash
things are as you woke up
settling between mindsets
fantasma del real

I've been in and out
not really reaching out for anything
but then not keep my hands to myself
familiar faces can be viewed as I pass by
mainly fresh bodies crowd my sight
can I get a dose of familiarity
its all just another chapter in this novel

with the new year I dropped grudges
all the bit more bitter
come closer to love
miss more of you than before
hmmmm...I'm not into typing right now
I would like to talk to a friend with a memory

where are we?

I'm tryin to become more active in life. School will be done in May. I hope to jah that I get a good job.

thanks to my friends that were with me during the holiday

brittney I miss you
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